Add Workflow - Step 3

Step 3: Add challenge workflow stage change rules.

After adding a new stage in the challenge workflow, you can also add rules which should be fulfilled before moving a challenge from a workflow stage to another workflow stage.

It is not mandatory to add workflow rules but it is an optional activity.

In order to add a workflow rule, click on the Add Rule drop-down button.

Then, select a rule from the dropdown.

Then, enter the name of the rule or the target value if applicable. For example, if you select checklist, then provide the title of the checklist and add checklist items.

Then, click to save individual rules or click on the Save button at the corner of the screen to save all of them together.

You should note that all rules will be not applicable, for example, Min. No. of Effort Ratings is a rule that will not be applicable in the Challenge workflow and it will be applicable in Idea Funnel.

The next step will be to add a Challenge workflow stage for ideation and that will be explained in the next step.