Add Idea

Hello, and welcome to the idea deployer. In this video, we will explain how to add an idea. So let's get started.

There are two methods to post new ideas. The first method is by clicking on Post an Idea button in the header.

The second method is by clicking on Post an idea button in a particular challenge when accessed by clicking on the Ideas navigation.

Step 1: Click on Post an idea button.

Enter the idea title. Make sure that title is less than 40 characters.

Select the benefit categories. Make sure to add benefit categories in the Settings tab.

Enter the idea description. We recommend it to be crisp and to the point. More details can be added in a separate document and attached with the idea.

Add details of an idea by uploading documents such as a word document, presentation, etc.

Select the challenge from the dropdown in which this idea will be posted.

Add hashtags for ease of search and trend analysis.

Add a meaningful cover image of the idea which will attract other employees to contribute to the idea.

Toggle anonymous if you would like to post the idea anonymously.

Step 3: Click on the Post button.

That's it. You have added a new idea.