Manage Challenges

Hello, and welcome to the idea deployer. In this video, we will explain how to manage challenges. So let's get started.

How a challenge moves through the workflow stages is managed through the Challenge Pipeline.

Step 1: Click on Challenges in the vertical navigation. You will be navigated to a new screen that shows challenges by workspace, no. of challenges.

Step 2: Click on the Kebab menu or vertical ellipsis icon.

Step 3: Click on All Challenges to navigate to the list view of all challenges.

The list view shows all challenges in a table, for example, challenge title, total ideas in that challenge, status of the challenge, posted by, and posted date.

Click on the Kebab menu to Edit or Delete a challenge.

Step 4: Click on Challenge Pipeline and you will be navigated to a new screen that shows challenges in Kanban or Pipeline view.

It shows the challenges by workflow stages, a number of likes and dislikes, and no. of ideas in that challenge.

Step 5: Click anywhere on a particular challenge to change the workflow stage.

A stage change screen will be displayed. It will also show workflow rules (if any).

Step 6: Click on the Change Status button to move the challenge to the next stage.